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Class Number 101

Class Title:  Nordic Band
Teacher: Terri Bay

"Nordic Band" is a 3 by 6 inch band of Ukrainian Whitework fun! Learn how to make eyelets in three different forms while creating this basic to intermediate level band. As a bonus, you will learn a uniquely Ukrainian stitch roughly translated as Topwinder. Yes, I have the Ukrainian name for the stitch. No, I cannot pronounce it! Students should be able to work a satin stitch independently and knowledge of eyelets is a plus. Don't worry about not being an expert in working eyelets, that is what Terri will teach you! The band is worked on 28 count linen with two sizes of pearl cotton.

Technique: Ukranian Whitework Design Area: 3" x 6"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 30.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents:  9X12 inch piece of 28 count linen (Zweigart white), 1 ball pearl 8 (DMC B5200), 1 ball pearl 12 (DMC B5200), 24 tapestry needle, 26 tapestry needle, Charts and instructions

Class Number 102

Class Title: No Spells Tonight
Teacher:  Dawn Donnelly

Without her shoe, the wicked witch won't be able to cast her spells tonight. So instead of giving the shoe back, let's decorate it with some great colors and fun stitches and keep it for ourselves. To give the shoe that Halloween look, the student will use the following stitches: Diamond Ray, Cris Cross Hungarian, Wrapped Stem, Rice, Smyrna, Double, Squared Filling, Couching and Double Straight Cross. To complete the look, a Polymer Clay bat is added to the tip of the shoe.

Technique: Canvas Design Area: 3" x 4"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 60.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: threads, canvas, needles, polymer clay, instructions and color picture

Class Number 103


Class Title: Punto Antico: Italian Antique Stitch
Teacher:  Patricia Goaley

Punto Antico are a collection of antique stitches done on linen in the Tuscany region of Italy. We will use the actual threads (Ritorto Fiorentina numero 8 and 12) and linen (Bellora 2000, 15 threads to the cm) traditional to this form of embroidery to complete a miniature suitable for framing. You will learn the typical fiore (flower), punto quadro (4-sided stitch), il punto cordoncino and other traditional stitches to complete this design. This class will be challenging in the time we will have to learn these techniques. We will complete every stitch in class and you will have instructions and photos of the stitches as they are done for reference. We will examine examples of actual Italian linens utilizing these stitches so you might take your new skills to the next level.

Technique: Surface & Pulled Stitches Design Area: 4" x 5 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 80.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Italian linen, Ritorto Fiorentino 8 and 12 threads

Class Number 104

Class Title: Poinsettia
Teacher:  Cindy Hambrick

A three dimensional Christmas ornament, all shiny and bright and ready to be hung on the tree.  This delightful project will teach the student shaped tubular peyote, decreasing, increasing and embellishments techniques.

Technique: Beading Design Area: 2" wide x 3" long
Proficiency Level: Intermediate, some knowledge of Peyote technique required Kit Cost: $ 50.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: All delica beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls, embellishments, needles and threads necessary to complete the ornament.

Class Number 105

Class Title: Spirit People
Teacher:  Ruthmarie Hofmann

In an expansion of "Sassy Tasseling", here comes "Spirit People", a play on the yarn dollies of yesteryear. Fashioned in fluffy Persian wool, this oh-so-spirited wild woman creation will absorb saved orts into tassel skirts or stitched embellishment. Several variations are covered using open loop heads, bendable arms, "squish" bust lines and itty-bitty puff accents. Add a bit of crazy hair in Turkey work, touch of metallic, sprinkle of beads and sport a unique hanging ornament or unique pin. Tassel-twirling is optional.

Technique: Tassel making Design Area: Varies
Proficiency Level: All Kit Cost: $ 27.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Persian wool bundles, metallic ribbon floss, beads, needles, instruction pamphlet, Vellux mat and bead tray.

Class Number 106

Class Title: Ruffled
Teacher: Deanna Powell

A unique and sophisticated 3/8 inch by 44 inch lariat for the students who want to expand their beading technique repertoire. "Ruffled" was designed to give the class participants the opportunity to learn a new way to give St. Petersburg Chain extra flair by embellishing the chain. Students will learn how to finish the lariat with charming and appropriate dangles. A choice of mauve as pictured or light blue will be available.

Technique: Beading Design Area: 3/8" x 44"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 80.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: 11º & 15º seed beads, 3mm Swarovski pearls, 6mm crystals, crystal rondelles and accent beads, Fireline 6 lb. beading thread #10 & #12 beading needles

Class Number 107

Class Title: Virgin Queen's Sewing Pocket
Teacher: Betsy Morgan

Originally designed for her Virginia Guild, Betsy has redesigned this charming sewing wallet with Texas bluebonnets and armadillos especially for our seminar.  When opened, the pocket has two small pockets for scissors and other tools and a stitched needle page which is attached with seed beads.  Once again, a scissor fob finishes the design.  As with the wallet design, students will have the option of choosing green, blue or red silk lining fabric.  Students will also see a demonstration on making twisted cords and tassels and will then make their own to complete the fob.

Technique: Linen, Whitework, Finishing Design Area: 4 3/4" x 3" closed
Proficiency Level: Intermediate & above Kit Cost: $ 75.00
Pre-Work: Students will pre-stitch the scissor fob and we will construct it in class

Kit Contents: 32 count ivory linen, silk Dupioni lining fabric, fusible interfacings, skirtex, DMC pearl cotton, seed beads, needles, sewing thread, Gloriana 12 ply silk floss in 9 colors, detailed instructions and full color charts.

Class Number 108

Class Title: Serenity
Teacher:  Kathy Rees

This geometric counted canvas design uses soothing colors, unusual stitches, and a variety of thread textures to create a feeling of peace and serenity. Several metallics are sprinkled throughout to add sparkle and shine. Several different sizes of squares and rectangles are used to create movement while still experiencing calmness. Discussion of color will be included as part of the class. Usually taught as a two-day class, this will be condensed into one day. 

Technique: Canvas Design Area: 6" x 10"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $130.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Instructions with color photo, line drawn 18ct mono canvas, and all threads to complete the design.

Class Number 109

Class Title: Bargello Basics: A Notebook Class
Teacher: Gail Stafford

Create your own bargello reference notebook in this one day class. Learn how a single stitch type is used to create varied bargello patterns. Explore the role of value and hue in creating attractive bargello patterns. Stitch pattern samples of different types: unbroken line, broken with lead line, broken line designs, and Hungarian point.

Technique: Canvas Design Area: N/A
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 84.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: #18 canvas, needles, all threads to complete the project, and complete instructions

Class Number 110

Class Title: Pansy Profusion
Teacher:  Kay Stanis

The sun turns the night's rain to pools of gold. The warmth of the sun reflects in the gold metallics as you use the ancient technique of Or Nué in Japanese gold and soft-twist silks to shade the metallic thread into the pansy "floating" in the golden pool. You will learn to couch in pairs to fill a shape and to turn sharp corners.  Ribbonwork with beads form the field of flowers around the perimeter.

Technique: Or Nue´ and Ribbonwork Design Area: 4" x 6" oval
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 70.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: All materials necessary to complete the design.

Class Number 111

Class Title: Beachcombers Booty
Teacher:  Ann Strite-Kurz

Sand dollars are commonly found on the beaches in the mid-Atlantic and along the Gulf Coast and Christian legends associated with them have made them one of the most popular seashells.  The round shape of this shell is established on the canvas with a charted design in backstitch that is later whipped to establish a smooth curve. Open blackwork suggests the tiny spines that cover the shell in its living state. Other stitches suggest the shell as it appears in nature.

Technique: Mixed media canvas with blackwork accents Design Area: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate & beyond Kit Cost: $ 48.00
Pre-Work: Some is required

Kit Contents: All materials necessary to complete the design

Class Number 112

Class Title: Canvas Doctor at Your Service
Teacher:  John Waddell

The class will begin with a general discussion of the student canvases with questions from the students. To get the class initially stitching, the students will receive suggested stitches and threads for three areas on their individual (1) canvas. As the class progresses other areas on the student's canvas will be developed. There will be a rotation around the class to address student's questions. When opportunities present themselves, the teacher will do class demonstrations. This class is not intended to finalize a complete stitch guide for each student.

Technique: Canvas Design Area: 14" x 14" max
Proficiency Level: All Kit Cost: $ 25.00
Pre-Work: Student must send a color photo of canvas to John ahead of time

Kit Contents: Each student to provide teacher prior to class with a full-scale color picture of their (1) canvas.

Class Number 113

Class Title: 1-Day Studio Time

Time to work on UFOs…and maybe get some help from your stitching friends!


To help you select a class, please be familiar with the following EGA proficiency-level definitions:

BASIC:  No experience with the technique being taught is necessary.

INTERMEDIATE:  Knowledge of basic stitches, materials, and their use in the technique being taught is required.

ADVANCED:  Ability to execute simple and difficult stitches in the technique is required. The student also should have knowledge of color design that will allow exploration and creativity.

ALL LEVELS:  Class is suitable for all levels.

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