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Class Number 201

Class Title:  Nine Patch Tray
Teacher: Terri Bay

The "Nine Patch Tray" is a unique sampler of whitework and blackwork stitches all folded up into a lovely and useful tray. There are nine individual squares separated by a lattice of ladder hemstitching. These squares can also be worked individually to create ornaments, box tops, stitching accessories, and more.  Students should be able to work satin stitches and single eyelets independently, and be familiar with pulled work. The tray measures six inches square when folded and is worked on 28 count linen using two sizes of pearl cotton and embroidery floss. Black floss is included in the kit, but any color may be brought to class and used to make the tray fit into your color scheme.

Technique: Whitework, Pulled Thread, Blackwork, Finishing Design Area: 6" square
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 55.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents:  2 – 14 inch squares of linen (Zweigart white), 1 ball pearl 8 (DMC B5200), 1 ball pearl 12 (DMC B5200), 1 skein black floss (DMC 310), 24 tapestry needle, 26 tapestry needle, Charts and instructions

Class Number 202

Class Title: Cool Yule
Teacher:  Dawn Donnelly

This tree just waits for decorations and presents. We’ll adorn this “Cool Yule” with some fun and interesting stitches: Tied Star, Chain, Double Straight Cross, Upright Cross, Rhodes, Straight, Parisian, Padded Satin, Herringbone and Wrapped Stem. The tree will be topped with a polymer clay star and it will sit on a base that will be made of Couching and Padded Plaited Cross. Surrounding the tree will be snowflakes made of Double Reverse Square Herringbone, Double Cross and beaded snowflakes.

Technique: Canvas Work on Congress Cloth Design Area: 6" x 9"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 75.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Canvas (Congress Cloth) and threads including embroidery floss, silk, metallic and pearl cotton, beads, a polymer clay star, needles, and instructions

Class Number 203


Class Title: Blue Flax
Teacher:  Patricia Goaley

"Blue Flax" is an exercise in silk painting. The ground is an imported Italian silk sewn to a muslin base. Unlike other forms of embroidery silk painting is easy on a black background. The dark background allows us to play with light. Au ver a soie silks and small accents of gold metallic create the floral design. Texture is obtained through long-short stitch, soft shading, fly, chain, French knots, straight, split, and buttonhole stitches.  All supplies and directions will be provided.

Technique: Surface Embroidery Design Area: 9" x 3 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 80.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Silk and muslin fabrics, au ver a soie silk threads, gold threads

Class Number 204

Class Title: Toad-ly Sarah
Teacher:  Cindy Hambrick

This 3 dimensional beaded box contains a chocolate frog, inspired by the popular series of novels about wizards and their world. The work includes peyote and embellishing techniques.

Technique: Beading Design Area: 2" x 2"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 45.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: All necessary delica beads, embellishments, needles, and threads as well as detailed instructions.

Class Number 205

Class Title: Passage
Teacher:  Ruthmarie Hofmann

“Passage” is a necklace composed of a smooth bone piece wrapped in needle worked canvas. Additions of a glossy bone crescent and a strung necklace of bone and horn pull together a subtle piece that evokes a whisper to the ancient beliefs of allowing passage to the spirit of the wearer. Stitches include Diagonal Straight Stitch, Eyelets in several forms from discreet to monstrous holes, plus Beaded Edging to secure the folded canvas around a flat bone rectangle as well as swags and dangles. Students will select overdyed floss prior to class; prework instructions, thread and canvas are used to smooth a quicker launch to a completed piece.

Technique: Canvas embroidery, edge finishing, beadwork, bead stringing Design Area: About 3.5" flat plus 24" necklace
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 53.00
Pre-Work: Yes, 3-4 hours

Kit Contents: canvas, overdyed floss, bone pieces, bone and glass beads, bead-stringing wire, crimps, gold-plated findings and goods to help control loose beads (felt pad & triangular tray). Student will have a choice of overdyed floss.

Class Number 206

Class Title: Bijoux d'Or
Teacher: Deanna Powell

"Bijoux d’Or" is a tubular herringbone bracelet that can be worn with or without the beaded turquoise cabochon. The bracelet is a coordinating piece to the Pièces de Parure necklace and earring set. The bracelet features a technique that flattens the tubular part. It is finished with 24 karat 15º seed beads as is the turquoise cabochon. The kit contains two sizes of needles, Fireline thread, a matching clasp, 11º Delicas and 15º seed beads. Complete instructions including finishing are provided.

Technique: Beading Design Area: 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" long excluding cabochon which is optional
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 75.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: 11º Delicas, 15º seed, Threads: Fireline thread, Needles: Beading needles #10 & 12Additional Supplies: A goldtone clasp and workbook including complete instructions for finishing.

Class Number 207

Class Title: Virgin Queen's Sewing Wallet
Teacher: Betsy Morgan

Inspired by the Elizabethan era and a 1920’s leather sewing kit, the exterior panels of this piece are stitched in multi-colored blackwork, whitework, Bargello and other counted thread stitches.  The interior is lined in silk Dupioni fabric which will be available in the green color shown in the model and also in red and blue, as each student chooses. There are five pockets inside, two of which hold stitched octagonal thread winders.  Tied into the center with vintage silk satin ribbon is a needle book which is stitched in traditional blackwork and has wool felt needle pages and a laced ribbon spine.  A scissor fob on a tasseled cord rounds out the design.  

Students will pre-stitch the needle book and will construct it in class, in the process learning the techniques they will need to complete the rest of the design.  Class will also include information on double running (Holbein) stitch and making twisted cords and tassels.

Technique: Linen, counted thread Design Area: 4" x 6" x 1 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate & above Kit Cost: $180.00
Pre-Work: Yes, some pre-stitching with construction in class

Kit Contents: 32 count ivory linen, silk Dupioni lining fabric, fusible interfacings, skirtex, DMC pearl cotton, mother of pearl buttons, Gloriana silk satin ribbons in two sizes and colors, sewing thread, needles, wool felt and Gloriana 12 ply silk flosses in 9 colors.  The instructions are very thorough and detailed and the charts are all full-color.

Class Number 208

Class Title: Highland Circle
Teacher:  Kathy Rees

An abstract geometric, "Highland Circle" features a circle of batik fabric appliqued to the canvas. A variety of stitches, including couching over laid silk Chenille thread, are used to produce movement within the design. Threads include Gloriana silks, Vineyard Silks, DMC Pearl Cotton, Soie Cristal, and Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays, Water ‘n Ice, Neon Rays +.

Compensation and placement of stitched areas will be discussed and the student will be able to adapt the piece if they’d like.

Technique: Canvas embroidery Design Area: 4' x 10"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 89.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Instructions with color photo, 18ct mono canvas, and all threads to complete the design.

Class Number 209

Class Title: Azaleas
Teacher: Gail Stafford

In contrast to the browns, grays, and whites of winter, spring arrives with a fresh burst of color. "Azaleas" was designed to celebrate the arrival of spring – to celebrate the vibrant greens of new foliage, colorful blooming flowers and shrubs, and warm days filled with bright sunshine. We’ll begin by stitching some sky and tree trunks and then we’ll want to see the azaleas and other blooming flowers come alive. The birdhouse is a charted element, but individuals will make their own decisions about the exact placement of most of the stitches for flowers, leaves and foliage. Detailed information will guide you in these decisions. Learn how overdyed threads are used to establish subtle color change in your design and how stranded embroidery cotton is used to supplement the overdyed threads.

Technique: Canvas Embroidery Design Area: 5" x 7.5"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 85.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Congress cloth and all threads required to complete the project.

Class Number 210

Class Title: Winter Wonderland
Teacher:  Kay Stanis

Frost licks at the pins and snowflakes twinkle in the in the twilight glow. The student will be introduced to metal embroidery and dimensional beading with couture techniques including: couching hand twisted braid, sequins on edge over padding, and creating detached elements of snowflakes and pine boughs. The beading includes 3 different detached snowflakes incorporating different sizes and types of beads.

Technique: Silk and Metal with beads and detached elements Design Area: 6" x 6"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 70.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: 9 x 12˝ hand painted congress cloth; Silk sewing thread; Metal threads, #1 Silver and Gold; Braids, Silver and silver/gold; Check purl, 28 gauge wire, green and copper, Miscellaneous: Sequins, 2 sizes, Beads, 5 sizes/types, Beading thread, Invisible thread, Felt, Paint, Needles, Photo and instructions

Class Number 211

Class Title: Soaring Seagull
Teacher:  Ann Strite-Kurz

"Soaring Seagull" was adapted from the work of wildlife artist Eleanor Grosch.  The seagull, usually associated with the seashore, has become more common in rural and urban areas, often attracted to landfills and grain fields. This stitched interpretation suggests the aerodynamics of a parachute or kite as the bird hovers in the air. The lines of the bird and the combinations of stitches and colors used give life to the bird that is still yet in motion.

Technique: Canvas Design Area: 8" x 9 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Advanced-Intermediate Kit Cost: $ 72.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: All materials to complete the project plus a detailed instruction booklet with a color copy of the finished model.

Class Number 212

Class Title: Canvas Doctor at Your Service
Teacher:  John Waddell

The class will begin with a general discussion of the student canvases with questions from the students. To get the class initially stitching, the students will receive suggested stitches and threads for three areas on their individual (1) canvas. As the class progresses other areas on the student’s canvas will be developed. There will be a rotation around the class to address student’s questions. When opportunities present themselves, the teacher will do class demonstrations. This class is not intended to finalize a complete stitch guide for each student.

Technique: Canvas Design Area: 14" x 14" max
Proficiency Level: All Kit Cost: $ 25.00
Pre-Work: Each student must send a color photo of canvas to John ahead of time

Kit Contents: Each student to provide teacher prior to class with a full-scale color picture of their (1) canvas.

Class Number 213

Class Title: 2-Day Studio Time

Time to work on UFOs…and maybe get some help from your stitching friends!


To help you select a class, please be familiar with the following EGA proficiency-level definitions:

BASIC:  No experience with the technique being taught is necessary.

INTERMEDIATE:  Knowledge of basic stitches, materials, and their use in the technique being taught is required.

ADVANCED:  Ability to execute simple and difficult stitches in the technique is required. The student also should have knowledge of color design that will allow exploration and creativity.

ALL LEVELS:  Class is suitable for all levels.

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